Carole Taylor

Carole Taylor BA, MA, FFAstrolS is a professional astrologer living in the UK. She runs an astrological practice from her home in West Sussex and gives lectures in the UK and abroad. She has co-taught two workshops for ‘Heaven & Earth Workshops’ in Bali and Goa, and will be teaching for them again in Bali in October 2016 alongside Brian Clark.

In addition to her own private work, Carole has worked for the Faculty of Astrological Studies for over 15 years. A former President of the Faculty, she is currently its Director of Studies, responsible for the syllabus and course material. She also oversees the Oxford Summer School programme and teaches on the Faculty’s Foundation and Diploma courses. In recognition of her work at the Faculty, she was awarded a Faculty Fellowship in 2012. She contributed a chapter to the Faculty’s recent book, Journey Through Astrology.

Carole has a long-standing interest in myth, symbol, divination and the Western esoteric tradition. She recently gained an MA (with distinction) in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred from Canterbury Christ Church University, studying under Geoffrey Cornelius and Angela Voss.

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Carole will be giving a two-hour workshop on element imbalances and a one-hour talk exploring the astrological consultation as a powerful divinatory experience:


Element Imbalances

We are defined as much by what is absent in the chart as what is present and whilst the abundance of an element suggests effortless expression, its absence suggests the opposite – here we can be awkward and self-conscious, feeling we lack an important skill. It often takes on a mythic quality, becoming something we long for and make impassioned attempts to find, perhaps through our work or through the people we fall in love with. We may spend a lifetime in its pursuit. And yet, the quest in itself offers us something of priceless value – here we can be inspired towards extraordinary creative achievements. We will explore what it might feel like when an element is absent from the chart – and how we can help ourselves, and our clients, to navigate this.


Astrology, Symbol and Metalogue

In our astrological work, we read a natal chart by interpreting symbols and imagine ourselves to be objective translators. But the wise astrologer remains open to the idea that there is a divinatory aspect to the work, which also implies the involvement of the astrologer’s own psyche. Using examples from my own practice, this talk will follow the idea of the ‘metalogue’ – the magical story which surrounds the meeting of astrologer and client, and which invites a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.