About the conference

The 1st International Astrology Conference will take place on 24, 25 and February 26, 2017 in Maia Forum. This will be the first major international event to be held in Portugal, with astrology as its main theme. With the slogan "Sounding Energies- Energias Sonantes" the connection between Portugal and the world will be strengthened and this will be background for three days of lectures and mini-courses. 

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About the conference

In these days the city of Maia will become a dissemination center, sharing and discussing of astrological knowledge, especially designed for astrologers, but where all people interested in the subject will be present, due to the interest and curiosity that this topic raises.

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Guest Astrologers

Alex Trenoweth

Ben Rovers

Carmen Ferreira

Carole Taylor

Christian König

David Perloff

Elias D. Molins

Eliseo Gallardo

Enzo De Paola

Frank Clifford

Glenn Perry

Isabel Guimarães

João Medeiros

Jorge Serrano

Kira Sutherland

Lindsay Gladstone

Luis Resina

Luiza Azancot

Lyndall McQuinn

Lynn Bell

Margaret Gray

Maurício Bernis

Mark Jones

Mónica Teixeira

Patrícia Ungarelli

Poema Querubin Suhanko

Regina Braga

Roy Gillett

Wendy Stacey


We safeguard the right to change the schedule if for any reason we are forced to do it. 

Astroanamnesis: Unveiling the Unconscious. Workshop Teorical/Pratical

Theorical/Pratical Workshop

Astroanamnesis takes into account certain basics and observes and analyzes consequence, from that perspective, the tropical map, which then becomes exclusively archetypal map that defines the peculiarities of the environment, the family, the universe in which one was born ... and the defense mechanisms (character / personality / mask) that the individual builds to suit the system. Represent therefore ... that this 1 to 5%. And ... we know that character determines destiny. Therefore, it is understood that analyzing the character of an individual, their patterns of behavior, personality...  can elucidate on his possible destination (the law of action and reaction).

Technical Workshop

Healing and Forgiving the Inner Teenager

Many problems such as addiction, violence and anorexia have their roots in childhood and adolescents. Can we spot the signs and apply the appropriate intervention? Most importantly, can we forgive ourselves for the past?

Elements and change: The alchemical potential in the (birth) chart

The medieval science of alchemy was based on working with the four elements of matter: fire, air, water and earth. Carl Gustav Jung turned this old science into psychology when he equated the four elements with the four psychic functions of intuition, thinking, feeling and sensing. Both classical and Jungian insights on elements are very useful in understanding the notion of change in a (birth) chart. This mini course explains the basic ideas about change through elements and applies these to astrological chart interpretation.

The Decanates

In this Minicourse we will discover the nature of the various decanatess. Each sign is divided into 3 sectors of 10 degrees, and in many cases is very different the influence of the decanate from the adajcent.

In this course we will ,with case studies , see how these decanates are and which one stand out in our birth chart, and what is the best way we can harmonise its influence.

Herschel, Uranus and Mary Shelley’s Vision of Horror

When William Herschel turned his telescope to the heavens and saw “something rather like a comet”, he confounded the scientific community of that time. Shortly after his discovery, the young Mary Shelley published her Gothic masterpiece “Frankenstein”. How are these events connected and what can we learn from them?

Finding (the) soul in the birth chart: exploring Plato’s notions on soul and elements

The question of soul frequently pops up in discussions between astrologers. Can we find ‘it’ in the chart? Do we look for specific planets like the moon or pluto? And how do soul and incarnation relate to each other in a chart? In this lecture the idea of soul and its place in astrological chart interpretation is briefly explored, before focusing on Plato’s tripartite notion of the soul and how this can be related to the three ‘highest’ elements in the birth chart: fire, air and water, the moveable elements. Earth, the immoveable and thus unsouled fourth element, represents incarnation.

The influence of the Fixed Stars

Either we to know it or not, the fixed stars affect us. Since ancient times, the fixed stars are of fundamental importance for analyzing the map, although currently this element is greatly neglected and many astrologers fail in their predictions by holding that the signs are absolutely homogeneous.

In my work, helping me in advanced computer systems, investigated the 115 most important fixed stars and their astrological effect; developing my own online software free access for everyone, in which cataloged by color the most relevant fixed stars. 


Astrology has long been used to predict events, explain personality traits and in medical astrology to show its influence over our health.  Medical astrology can also be used to look at fertility and all that surrounds the journey of having children. In years gone by medical astrology was used to determine if someone would ever have children, which sex it would be and how many children one would have. In our modern age with the advances in medicine we can overcome many obstacles with fertility treatments, surgery, herbal medicine and our knowledge of prenatal nutrition. So what does astrology still have to teach us about fertility, conception and birth? This lecture will look at Natal charts and their influences regarding having a family, fertility, conception, choosing optimum days and the transits that help to influence these processes.

The Synodical Circles Between the Sun and Venus Rx

In every 18 months in its movement Rx Venus conjunct the Sun, this event is very significant because from the perspective of the Mesoamerican cultures is represented by venus Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan. This character of the Maya and Aztec mythology tells of renewal and purification processes, this is why synodic indicated a new birth. This is the reason that, unlike traditional astrology which sees Venus as goddess of harmony, beauty and balance; for the American cultures it is considered different.

Throughout the history of the Sun and Venus synodic Rx events have brought important changes for humanity. The emergence of diseases, epidemics and wars. The recent synodic cicle between the Sun and Venus is reflected in the attacks in Egypt (September 2015) and France (November 2015).

The Astrogenealogía as therapeutic model in Astrology

The Astrogenealogía is a powerful assessment tool, addressing and solving the most important conflicts that trouble the soul of every human being. The therapeutic model created by Enzo De Paola based on the marriage between Astrology and Family Constellations, allows the consultant to enter the field of their natal chart for psycho-emotional release, knots "unwittingly" took the ancestors as scripts life, conditions or limitations to fulfillment, health, welfare and success.

Mental Chemistry - A Legacy of Marc Edmund Jones

Astrologer Marc Edmund Jones introduced the concept of Mental Chemistry, which gives tremendous insight into how a person receives and processes information of all sorts. This is an easy-to-determine, though largely underused technique. Using charts of many public figures, we will discuss how to determine a person's Mental Chemistry, and how to use this to better understand ourselves, our clients, and the people around us.

Financial astrology in decisions and investments

The lecture aims to introduce Financial Astrology as a tool for analysis and financial decisions as: find in the natal chart the factors of financial success; identify and clarify astrological cycles applied to finance and markets; use Astrology to make choices in the use of the money.

Elements of Health

This mini course will take you on a journey through the 4 elements and their impact on our daily health. Kira will explore what each element has to offer and/ or how it can hinder us when it is in excess or deficiency. How can we utilise our elemental profile from our Natal chart to live a healthier, more balanced life? The first half of the mini course will explore the gifts and lessons of each element, the second half will be a dynamic affair looking at the application of principles learned and work shopping with example charts. Typical of Kira’s teaching style this lecture will give you both theory of medical astrology and application for daily life.

Planets in High Focus, according to Marc Edmund Jones

When looking at a chart, how do you know which planets are emphasized? In this mini course, we'll look at many of the ways planets can be in high focus. In addition to some basic ones like ruler of the Ascendant, we'll also look at final dispositor of the chart, singleton by hemisphere, planet at the apex of a T-square, stationary planets, etc. We’ll examine Dr. Jones’ view of these indicators, and we’ll also look at some that are unique to Dr. Jones – Locomotive Engine, Bucket Handle, Bowl Cutting Planet, etc. We will illustrate the high focus qualities by looking at many charts of famous people.

2nd edition of the 1st Prize of the Astrology Student Contest and presentation of the astrological software Solar Fire - Free admission

Kabalistic Astrology

One of the Astrology branches is Kabbalistic , in this branch we have a wealth of information, but something very interesting is the connection you have from the chart with 72 Geniuses of Kabbalah, so that you may know for each consultant God's name that corresponds according to these geniuses for each of the planets in the chart.

The proposed workshop aims attendees simply know how you can know this information and its application to everyday life, since there is a specific purpose for each name of God, a prayer and a warrant.

Only basic knowledge of astrology (planets, signs, houses) are required by the workshop participants.

Each participant will be given the information and templates for the calculation of the 72 names of God, and the meaning and prayers of each name.

Element Imbalances

We are defined as much by what is absent in the chart as what is present and whilst the abundance of an element suggests effortless expression, its absence suggests the opposite – here we can be awkward and self-conscious, feeling we lack an important skill. It often takes on a mythic quality, becoming something we long for and make impassioned attempts to find, perhaps through our work or through the people we fall in love with. We may spend a lifetime in its pursuit. And yet, the quest in itself offers us something of priceless value – here we can be inspired towards extraordinary creative achievements. We will explore what it might feel like when an element is absent from the chart – and how we can help ourselves, and our clients, to navigate this.

Venus-Pluto Dynamics: Transforming Fears of Intimacy

Sex and death are intimately paired in the human psyche and are at the root of how consciousness evolves. This mini course will focus on difficulties integrating the Taurus-Scorpio axis and how sex is both a metaphor and vehicle for transformation. Relationship difficulties and sexual problems can be traced to a fear of death/transformation that naturally accompanies sexual intimacy. Individuals with challenging Venus-Pluto aspects may avoid vulnerability while trying to retain the pleasures of sexual intimacy. This can lead to extramarital affairs, attraction to forbidden and/or dangerous love objects, perversion, and, at the extreme end of the continuum, abusive love. Conversely, integration of the Taurus-Scorpio axis releases love’s regenerative power, which can redeem, heal, and transform both self and beloved.

Astrogenealogía - Healing my story through the natal chart

The natal chart presents the code of energies with which each person is born. From there, the possibilities, challenges and pitfalls that have been inherited from previous generations are derived. The astrogenealogía as a merger between astrology and family constellations created by Bert Hellinger, offers deep insight and therapeutic analysis through archetypes (Inner Spheres) expressing the movements of the soul over the natal chart.

It is written in the Stars? - Astrology with Fixed Stars

Fixed Star-Astrology is about being aware of the big picture (the firmament) and combining it with the familiar (the chart) and not about drawing in a bunch of stars in the chart. By looking at the big picture (the entire sky dome with its fixed stars and constellations) we broaden our astrological horizon and the complex archetypical patterns of the chart become more focused. The mini course introduces you to the commonly used method of fixed star astrology (projection onto the ecliptic) and then demonstrates other ways (Parans) how you can combine fixed stars with the natal chart and with modern horoscopic astrology.

Present Centered, Purpose Focused Prediction

Using case histories, we’ll explore the importance of the present in astrological prediction, as well as the central role of purpose. If the Universe is a blind, clockwork mechanism causing events for no particular purpose, then prediction enables clients to exploit foreknowledge to egoic advantage. If, however, the Universe is an intelligent, organic process intentionally orchestrating events to facilitate the soul’s evolution back to source, this has profound implications for how and what we predict. The question then becomes not what is going to happen, but what is it happening for?

The Astrology of Twin Siblings

There are more twins being born now due to fertility treatments and pregnancies of older women. With more C-sections being performed on twin pregnancies, the number of twins born minutes apart is increasing.  Astrologically minded parents come to us, astrologers, wondering how is it possible that children born with virtually with the same chart have such different personalities and behaviors.  For the last nine years I have been studying this question and will present some answers along with some further questions and hypothesis.

Between Heaven and Earth – Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars

Stars are more than fixed degrees on the ecliptic. Stars perform a dance: Some become visible after being absent from the sky (heliacal rising), others return to Earth after living with the immortal circumpolar stars (heliacal setting) – an important life theme beyond the chart that adds a beautiful dimension to our astrological understanding.

Astrology, Symbol and Metalogue

In our astrological work, we read a natal chart by interpreting symbols and imagine ourselves to be objective translators. But the wise astrologer remains open to the idea that there is a divinatory aspect to the work, which also implies the involvement of the astrologer’s own psyche. Using examples from my own practice, this talk will follow the idea of the ‘metalogue’ – the magical story which surrounds the meeting of astrologer and client, and which invites a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

CANCELLED - Spotlight on Success: Making the Most of Your Midheaven

In this talk, Frank will explore the many facets of the Midheaven (MC). This much-neglected angle has much to say about our reputation and public image, and, as part of an axis, our parental messages and family inheritance. Astrologically, our MC complex reveals our personal definition of success and our deep-seated drives to make a societal/professional contribution. We can gain recognition when we ‘follow our bliss’ and adopt the roles described by it. In this talk, Frank will offer new insights from his years of research into the MC–IC axis.    

Methods of Mundane Astrology

Modern computer technology has enabled this most ancient use of astro cycles to give instant understanding of 10,000 years of history, as well as deep insights into key contemporary events.  After a brief historical background, Roy will explain mundane astrology’s foundation principles, and then give a practical, systematic introduction illustrating the planetary roles in human affairs from outer planets, through the inners to diurnal angles; leaving you with valuable tools to take away and use.

Cosmic Ages

The subject may seem strange , as the statement " the earth is round " brought confusion and immediate disbelief. 

The Age of Aquarius, present era, deals with the current times, whose technology powered satellites (air element) transformed the present civilization.

Introduction to Shamanic Astrology

The concept of Shamanic Astrology was inherent in me from the beginning. Over a period of twenty-five years Lyndall McQuinn has developed this astrological technique. From inside the centre of the Astrology wheel lays the Magicians Seat. Shamanic Astrology asks us to step inside the Astrology chart and experience how the pattern of our planets performs. 

The personal planets create the marionette of our instinctual natures. By moving around inside the wheel we create the language of our own charts. The outer planets add colour to the pattern of the personal planets.

This work is experiential, it takes us away from sitting outside the chart and verbalising learnt concepts and steps us inside to define where our strengths and our blockages actually exist.

This talk will focus on the angles of the chart, the zodiac as an energy matrix, the personal planets and the characters they create, concluding with the role of the outer planets.

CANCELLED - Solar Arc Directions: Tracking Your Life Story

Would you like to master a simple forecasting (and rectification) tool that’ll amaze your clients and students with its accuracy and simplicity? In this mini course, Frank will share some tips for making the most of Solar Arc Directions and identifying landmark periods in your lives. He will also introduce his original work on ‘Shadow Transits’, which links seemingly unrelated life events. Learn how Solar Arcs can be a vital, invaluable part of your astrology toolkit, and how it can enhance your work as an astrologer. Feel welcome to share your charts and life stories. Some will be used during this interactive day.

Exploring Shamanic Astrology

Located in the Magicians Seat, the centre of the wheel, we begin to view the Astrology Wheel from a different perspective. Lyndall McQuinn will ask you to broaden your perceptions of interpreting natal charts.

From the centre of the wheel, explore the importance of the angles with regard your pasts, and future directions and how you project yourself out to the world and the efforts you make to relate.

The zodiac signs as an energetic matrix will strip away value judgments interpretations and replace them with the experience of the clear energy connected with the personal planets to unfold the concept of the personal puppet. What lies underneath your emotions, how you communicate and your desires and how you manifest them?

This workshop will conclude with a visit to the Astrological Temples; a different level of working with Shamanic Astrology. 

Be prepared to open to a new view of how your natal chart functions. Bring your natal chart.

The Astrological Archetypes as Auxiliary Psycopatological Diagnosis

In this mini-course astrological archetypes are discussed as indicators of cause / effect of behavioral disorders, marked on the birth chart. Psychopathologies, such as; anxiety and mood disorders and personality disorders, will be the basis of this study, using practical and real examples, (with appropriate confidentiality ) such as: Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorderc, Panic Attacks, Suicidal Ideation, Phobias, Alexithymia and more. These indicators of astrological diagnosis, allow to direct to auxiliary therapies treatment with the most appropriate indication for each case.

Astro-drama – an Experiential process.

This process will involve two parts. 

Part 1: Volunteers from the group will take on the roles of the current Planetary configurations in the sky. The remainder of the group will stand in the centre and experience the live energies of the current configurations.

Part 2: The chart of one or more volunteers will be enacted by the group with emphasis on aspects within the chart that may feel somewhat unfamiliar and/or challenging to the chart volunteer. 

The Destiny Line: the Nodal Axis of the Moon as the Key to Personal Evolution

This mini course will explore the significance of the Nodal Axis of the Moon in understanding how the birth chart expresses possibilities for personal growth; the fulfilment of our true potential. It will offer a complete method for interpreting the Lunar Nodes. It will explore the Lunar Nodes by house and sign as well as the significance of the Rulers of the Nodes and any planets squaring the Nodal Axis of the Moon. The mini course will explore the way that the outer planets, in particular Pluto and Uranus, influence the meaning of the nodal axis.

Using work pioneered by Dane Rudhyar from as early as The Astrology of Personality (1936) the Nodal Axis of the Moon will be seen as expressing the nature of our past experience (South Node, Ruler), the cutting edge of our future potential (North Node, Ruler) as well as the core challenges that may interrupt that process (Squares to the Nodes). The mini course will be illustrated throughout by example charts drawn from Mark’s experience as an astrologer and psychotherapist.

Astrological magic ® Course – a spiritual dimension of Astrology

This mini-course intends to bring an experience in the energetic and sensory dimension – a dimension so scarcely explored in the astrological universe. In order to do so, she will bring both a theoretical content and a practical dynamic addressing topics about the foundation of magic and its exchange with Astrology, notions of those relations throughout History, presenting the line of reasoning on which the sacralization of the planets (archetypal energies) is based, the use of ritualistic elements, magical activation, breath, mudras and visualization techniques.  
This differentiated approach of the Planets allows us to visualize them as divine and archetypal powers, placing them in the symbolic context of the birth chart. The mini-course will offer a self-knowledge path through the 4 dimensions of human experience: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It has the main goal of leading the participant to come into contact with the magical universe through Astrology, potentiating the connection with this spiritual and energetic dimension of the human experience, and strengthening the connection with these inner and individual planetary gods (deities and divinities), represented in the birth chart. 

Creating the Future

In the 1970’s the interstellar spacecrafts Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 were launched with plaques attached to their antenna support struts featuring a pictorial message providing information about the human race.

Given the opportunity what tableau could we, as astrologers, design which would epitomize humankind? What characteristics of the human condition would we wish to symbolically convey that could act either as a warning or as a message of hope to a galactic explorer?

In the first half of this mini course we will review the imagery conjured by Primal Myths and Star Lore. Inspired by the cultural mythology inherent within us the second half of the session will create an opportunity to let our creative juices flow. Entering the imaginal realm inventive expression will be encouraged in an attempt to encapsulate a stellar message from a 21CE astrological perspective.

Horary Astrology: specific questions, accurate answers

"Does my relationship have a future?", "Is this job opportunity good for me?", "I've lost my glasses, will I find them one day?"...is it possible to answer this kind of questions through Astrology? The answer is: yes! How? Casting a horary chart! The horary chart is calculated at the exact time when the astrologer makes the question and it reflects the position of the planets when this happens. Through Horary Astrology we are able to reply specific questions and offer accurate answers  and guidance to the clients. During this mini-course the basic and main traditional techniques to cast and interpret a horary chart will be taught based on 17th century astrologer William Lilly's teachings.

A spiritual journey to the point of Light

With my interest in sacred wisdom the lecture I propose to deliver focusses on the spirituality of the individual. The 20CE anthropologist Mercia Eliade proposed,

 “…that every human is basically religious, whether he or she knows it or not…and therefore every human has a need to find meaning, to discern patterns, though each culture, indeed each individual, may fill in the broad outlines differently.” (Doninger in Eliade, 2004: xiv)

Applying Eliade’s hypothesis to the natal horoscope I would like to explore its connection to the source of Divine Illumination. Combining Sufi philosophy with a history of the symbolic meanings of cardinal directions and the Axis Mundi. Interpreting planetary aspects of the individual to the ASC/DES and MC/IC axes of the natal chart we explore the transmutation from a person’s geographical bearing to that of a spiritual one.

World astrology 2017 – The turning year

Taking into perspective the Cardinal Cross T - Jupiter in Libra in the opposition Uranus in Aries, squaring Pluto in Capricorn, possible effects of this configuration in Portugal and worldwide.

2017 - You will repeat this energy pattern in the April 25, 74 in another range! New relations of social power, innovations and starts in several areas, social and relational transformations will be in focus in this period on a global planetary scale.

The Arc of the Infinite: the importance of the Planetary Nodes in understanding the past and shaping the future

The Moon’s Nodes are well known to most astrologers, this talk introduces the less familiar subject of the Planetary Nodes. That all planets form a nodal axis as they cross the ecliptic was recognized as of crucial importance by Dane Rudhyar as early as the ‘Astrology of Personality’ in 1936.

This talk will revisit this work of Rudhyar’s and expand upon it. It will explore the significance of the Planetary Nodes in the evolution of both the individual and the collective and point forward to their significance in the immediate future.

Understanding and Transforming Compulsive and Addictive relationship patterns with the help of Psychological Astrology

There are few of us who have not experienced a compulsive or addictive relationship pattern in our lifetime. Understanding the key astrological, mythological and psychological features of these relationship patterns can enable us to choose new life enhancing ways of living out the powerful planetary archetypes at their core. Today we will explore the key astrological features of these archetypal energies and ways of transmuting them if we so choose, with the help of the current planetary transits.

Young Students - share experiences and ask the astrologers

Horary Astrology – Potential and Practice in the Modern Era

In this lecture, we will discuss the importance of Horary Astrology, as a predictive tool, as well as its ethical constraints, and also its role in an epoch in which the astrologer is increasingly more a therapist instead of an oracle. The lecture will have real case studies giving examples of real horary issues of both personal and collective charts.

The Immortal Horoscope: Is our natal chart still affected by transits after we have died?

It is fascinating to discover how often, long after someone has died, that transits to their chart can bring them back into the spotlight for one reason or another.  This phenomenon is not exclusive to famous people or to people who become famous after death, but can happen to anyone. What we find with these transits to the charts of famous individuals is the influence they can have on the public and their impact on the collective.  They are often representative, or actually invoke, a shared collective awareness, understanding or emotion.  The nature of the transits themselves, the planets involved and how they interplay with the individual’s chart, provides some insight into why the collective is drawn towards it (whatever it may be) at a particular point in time.

Turning Lead into Gold: Planets in Detriment and Fall

Planets in detriment and fall take us on a journey which is often in direct contradiction to their nature. In Cancer, Mars learns to be soft, while in Capricorn, the Moon becomes hard. Saturn in Leo must bring lead to gold, while Jupiter is humbled in Virgo.  They lead us onto paths that are often out of the ordinary, and if we can handle them, give unusual rewards once we have dealt with their initial discomfort.

From Anger to Joy: Mars and his aspects

Early in life, our physical, emotional and psychic defences come to life.  We are pushed to overcome adversity with the help of Mars and his aspects, aspects which  also describe recurring inner battles between different levels of the personality. These  wars  call up both outer conflict and inner crises. Mars can describe splits in the soul  that may pull us forward or push us apart.  What can we do to redirect the powerful destructive qualities of this planet towards the higher aspects of self? Mars brings great Joy and aliveness when it breaks through to its best qualities.

Sleeping dogs: Unaspected planets - How do we interpret planets that do not have any major aspects in the birth chart?

How do these planets connect or integrate with the other dynamics in the horoscope?  This mini course will look at how unaspected planets can be the most dominant and obvious placement in the birth chart, how they can behave and express themselves and explore the limited resources available that can either bottle or unleash them. We invite participants to bring your birth chart.

World Economy

Nearly nine years on from a major world economic collapse, have we learned lessons and steered our economy safely out of crisis, or merely applied temporary stopgaps that very soon will lead us to an even worse catastrophe?

This workshop will seek to answer this question by studying the foundation charts of our modern capitalist system, which reveal and explain the shortcomings of the way we do business today. It will demonstrate how knowing astro- cycles and using them objectively can help us avoid boom and bust, by looking ahead to see and act on major warning signs.  It will argue that understanding astrology helps us create a truly efficient world economy and a much better world.

Midpoints: Points of integration and convergence of planetary combinations

Midpoints are part of the advanced astrology techniques, enabling a richer and deeper interpretation of the Natal chart. The underlying principle is that in every chart there is a point (actually there are several) in which every planetary combination is expressed in a combined way. The goal of this mini-course is to introduce the theme of midpoints, raising the public’s attention to a subject that is not commonly addressed. In the first part of the mini-course, this subject will be presented from a more theoretical perspective and in the second part, from a more practical perspective, with use of some case studies. For example, some charts will be presented, in which it will be showed how midpoints can explain situations that are not visible through the more common techniques. 

Midpoints are a complex theme but we can extract the essentials in a simple way, which can make a difference in the astrology chart’s interpretation and in calculating forecasts.

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  • 3.4. If you would like to make an exchange, please send a written authorization via email or a registered letter to the headquarters of the Portuguese Astrology Association (ASPAS  Associação Portuguesa de Astrologia) with the identification of the purchase and the necessary data in order to properly identify the person to whom you wish to give the entry, including the taxpayer identification number and respective identification card or passport, which will be required.
  • 3.5. In case of a refund, 20 days after the purchase, all the respective bank or paypal expenses will be charged. After this period ASPAS has the right not to refund;  ASPAS will accept the substitution by another participant within the deadline specified. Even in case of a refund, signing the credit bill of the issued receipt will be mandatory.
  • 3.6. After these previous conditions of Exchanges and refunds having been ensured, refunds will be processed within 10 days by sending the respective banking IBAN.
  • 4. Final Dispositions 
  • 4.1. Each and every expense, which is not considered in the present Regulation as borne by the event’s organization, is of the authors responsibility.
  • 4.2. Each and every piece of information and/or documents presented by the author must be clear, correct, precise and true.
  • 4.3. Any doubts, divergences or situations unforeseen in this Regulation will be assessed and judged solely and exclusively by the organization, being their decisions sovereign and final.
  • 4.4. All participants authorize, as of now, and regardless of formalization of any type and/or signature, the free diffusion of their data in any channels of communication, such as: newspapers, magazines, television, internet and others, by a period of two years after the official diffusion of their presence at the conference.
  • 4.5. The authorizations described in the previous point do not represent an obligation to diffuse or an obligation to the payment of any amount by the organization, except in case of mini-courses, where the percentages will be agreed.
  • 4.6. The organization is not responsible for any possible irregularities concerning the presentations due to problems with accessing to the internet, hackers, viruses, maintenance, power failures, failures on any type of software and hardware, as well as a fortuitous event or force majeure and no compensation is to be paid by the organization.
  • 4.7. The possible marketing of the works by the authors during the conference is of their full responsibility, as well as the works’ presentation and respective percentages and assigned values.
  • 4.8. The mere participation in this cultural space entails total knowledge of the General Conditions stipulated herewith and the unrestricted acceptance of this Regulation.


Associação Portuguesa de Astrologia

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